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Custom Designs

Do you want to present a very professional look toward your Customers and Unit?  Are you tired of boring flyers & postcards?  Are you looking for a cohesive look and feel for all your Unit Communications?  Then we are here to help!


Anything you need designed we can do:

  • Flyers & Postcards
  • Logos
  • T-shirt Designs
  • Banners
  • Signature Blocks
  • and plenty more!

Flyers & Postcard Designs

$25/each or $75/4-pack

Includes edits for the original requester

Edits for a Previously Designed Item


For all other design work

Please inquire for a quote:


Are you tired of wasting hours trying to maintain your own website when you should be out working your business?  Do you wish you HAD a website to put all those great training documents on?


We offer 2 levels of Unit Website service to fit any Director\’s budget! All levels offer you your own domain name which means your unit can find you easily at (domain names subject to availability).


All of our websites have the following capabilities:

  • Audio & Video - Embed your audio files and video files from all different sources!
  • Google Analytics - see how many people visit your website, how long they stay, and which pages are most popular!
  • Event Registrations with Payment
  • Forms - prize vouchers, questionnaires, surveys, polls, and more!
  • Website Search
  • Google Calendars - consultants can subscribe to and add to their own!
  • Social Media Integration
  • Password Protection
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • YOU can edit yourself if you choose to do so!
  • If you see it on someone else’s website we can do it too!  Just ask us! 


\"Collage\"Setup Fee:

  • Website: Choose from 1 of 5 pre-designed web templates. We will customize the template of your choice with your Unit Name/Logo and your photograph. $150
  • Premium Website: A site unique to you and your unit.  We create a custom design just for YOU designed around your preferences.


Maintenance Options:

Regular updates DO NOT include site redesign.  Example: if you completely change up your New Consultant page or other page that requires substantial updating, you will have an additional charge.  Only applies if it is substantial work for the webmasters.  If you make changes to your site that cause an error that we have to fix, there will be an additional charge.  You will be notified in advance of the additional charge – no surprises!


Request an update when you want one.  Perfect for Directors without a lot of changes.

$30/Hour (min. of 1 hour)

Twice a Month

Updates scheduled twice a month.  Perfect for new Directors and smaller units.



Updates scheduled for every week.  Perfect for Director and Nationals who always want their sites up to date and those who are focused on recognition!



Are you looking for a way to recognize your Team?  Do you want a newsletter that doesn\’t look like everybody else\’s?  Are you tired of being \”nickled and dimed\” on edits?


Each of our newsletters is uniquely branded for YOU!  No two are completely alike unless you WANT them to be!


NSD Newsletter


Red Jacket Newsletter


Unit Newsletter


V-Cards (Unit & Customer)

Have you heard about the latest in Unit Communication?  E-mails with VIDEOS embedded right inside!  Send a personal video message to your Unit or use our videos (many provided by the fabulous NSD Leah Lauchlan).


Editable… yet ready to send, trackable video emails (aka V-cards). Too many to list & more are being created for you!!!

  • A3, I3, and T12
  • Welcome New Consultant
  • New Consultant 6-week Training Series
  • N2 Bonus Reminder
  • 6 Month Anniversary
  • Race to Red 6-week Training Series
  • Happy Birthday/Anniversary
  • Preferred Customer Program 
  • On-Target Star
  • Congratulations Star
  • New Product Launch
  • Product of the Month
  • Bridal Offer
  • and more!





 We offer 2 levels of Service:

  • V-Card DIY - The DIY option gets you access to all V-cards, shared videos, drip campaigns, and forms. You do all the list importing/editing/sending/scheduling of your V-cards. This option is only recommended if you or your assistant, is tech savvy. $40/month
  • V-Cards - Video email account with all of our awesome V-cards, shared videos, drip campaigns, and forms. We create lists, drips, and manage the export/import of your contacts into your account for you.
    Pricing is determined by total unit size, as we do include T\’s in everything.
    • Under 100 Unit Members $100/month
    • 101-200 Unit Members $125/month
    • 201-300 Unit Members $150/month
    • 301-400 Unit Members $175/month
    • 401+ Unit Members $200/month