Our Favorite Vendors!

We get asked all the time where we is the best place to find all manner of supplies. So we thought we would put them all in one place!  


General Supplies (bags, wrapping, cello mailers, ribbons, and more!) http://www.lastingimpressionspackaging.com/


Sales & Organizational Aids http://www.sharodan.com/


Jewelry & Accessories (sterling silver and more) https://splashjewels.com/


Snap Jewelry https://whatsnappenin.com/


MUST-HAVE Party Tool: https://perfektpasstrays.com/


Product Presentation: https://sterlingrisers.com/


Sales Aids and More: https://www.pinkprinting.com/


Treats: https://puddingonsmiles.com/


Mink Lashes:https://musebeautyusa.com/pages/mkay